VIEane créations' goal is to spread the joy of making and to help people rediscover the simple pleasure and satisfaction of creating something with their own hands.

We are committed to provide you with trendy DIY kits for teens and adults, created with quality materials and easy to follow tutorials. We do our best to choose materials and practices to respect and protect the environment.

Our projects will delight beginners and skilled crafters alike. You will discover the ancient art that felt making is, through a wet felting technique, with minimum set up on your part and no previous experience needed.

Our kits provide a creative moment, a pause from our busy lives, that can be enjoyed alone or shared with family and friends.


Sylviane's studio


I am the owner, the maker, designer and quality control officer behind VIEane créations. I have been a maker right from the start. Growing up in a small town in Switzerland, I built multi-level villages out of sticks, bark and strings for my Smurfs & crocheted clothes and accessories for my dolls.

How I landed in California...in short, very short

In the Fiji Islands, during one of my travels to learn English, I met a sailor from California. We traveled on his yacht on the Pacific Ocean for months, got married in the Marshall Islands, welcomed our son in Guam, eventually arrived in Southern California where our daughter joined us and where we still live today.

My family has a hand in VIEane créations as well…they are wonderful cheerleaders, proofreaders and my teens are invaluable tech support. I was born in the 70's after all and I grew up without emails or cell phones...yes, I did!

It was during a visit back to Switzerland that I discovered felting. It was love at first touch…the wool is so soft! This ancient art captured me, and I have been experimenting and creating with wool for the past 15 years. I use the same basic technique, the same gestures the first felt makers used thousands of years ago. I really enjoy sharing my art with others locally, through workshops and now globally through the DIY kits…Spreading the joy of making!

Feel free to contact me at sylviane@vieane.com if you have any questions about our kits.