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sylviane collier VIEane
My story...

Hello! I am Sylviane

The love of making something with my hands began early. Building  intricate villages out of sticks, bark and strings for my Smurfs or crocheting a whole wardrobe, including accessories, for my dolls. Later on, I also tried various technics including silk painting, wood carving & pyrography before finding felting. 

My story continues

I was born and grew up in the French part of Switzerland, in a small town called "Aubonne" which is surrounded by vineyards and small fields that, from a bird's point of view, create a beautiful patchwork of nature. I love it  when the skies are clear and the plane makes his descant over the Aubonne's region just before landing at Geneva airport... so pretty! Also I was quite fortunate to go to school in a castle from the 12th century overlooking the town. 

In my late twenties, accompanied by my big heavy backpack, I traveled to Canada, the US and New Zealand to learn English. From New Zealand I visited Fiji Islands and there met an American who was cruising the pacific ocean, alone, on his sailboat. He invited me to sail around the islands with him...I accepted! We've been married now for twenty years, have 2 teenagers, that I've had the pleasure to homeschool, and have settled, eventually... in San Diego, California.

During a trip back to Switzerland, about 15 years ago, I discovered felting (wet felting).  A dear friend of mine showed me how to create a flower ring... in her kitchen. This ancient art captured me and I have been experimenting and creating with wool ever since. I use the same basic technic, the same gestures that people  used  thousands of years ago in Asia and Europe where felting was born. I really love working with natural materials.

I enjoy creating functional objects out of wool, like bowls, pouches, felted soaps & coasters. I believe it is important to surround ourselves with pretty things, especially the practical things that we use often. Though, my favorite of all things to make are  flowers... flower rings or scarf holders (the very first thing I felted),  hanging flowers to hang anywhere,  flower bookmarks, flower hairclips & brooches. I take a lot of pleasure in choosing the colors for a new project and trying new color combinations. 

Wool is such a fluffy and delicate fiber to work with, though the result after felting is sturdy and durable. Quite magical, I think!

Chateau d'aubonne, view of the castle of Aubonne in Switzerland

My old school & home town